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5 Ways to Travel on a Budget


Commonwealth Financial Group-Travel Budgeting


Traveling is expensive. Taking a week off of work and jetting somewhere with friends or family always costs more than we expect. There's flights, hotels, restaurants, necessary souvenirs - the list goes on and on. It's quite difficult, maybe even possible, to return from a vacation and say, "Hey, I saved a lot of money on this trip!" It just doesn't happen.

With summer and nice weather coming to a close, I find myself thinking back on my travels throughout the year—thinking about the instances where I was able to save some money. I decided to write a list. Now, in my case, I never did all of these things on one trip. I slowly learned them throughout the year, one at a time. However, if applied all at once, these tips could save you a significant amount of money on your next trip.

Without further ado, I give you 5 ways to travel on a budget.


1) Consider AirBnB over a hotel.

Commonwealth Financial Group-Travel Budgeting

A hotel can easily cost you hundreds of dollars a night for a tiny little room. In most cases, you can rent an entire house or apartment on AirBnB for less than the cost of a basic hotel room.

2) Avoid Touristy Restaurants.

Commonwealth Financial Group-Travel Budgeting

Stay clear of the super touristy areas if you decide to enjoy a night out. Often times restaurants that are just as good (or better) are a stone's throw away for a lot cheaper. Also, consider enjoying a picnic in one of the areas public parks!

3) Travel in the Off-Season.

Commonwealth Financial Group-Travel Budgeting

Each travel destination has an on-season and an off-season. The on-season hosts crowds and inflated prices. the off-season offers the opposite. Consider it!

4) Avoid Checking Bags.

Commonwealth Financial Group-Travel Budgeting

If your travel destination rrequires flights, try to pack everything in a carry on. Almost all airlines charge at least $25 per checked bag. It's a pretty basic tip, but for a family of five, this means a lot.

5) Do activities with groups.

Commonwealth Financial Group-Travel Budgeting

Instead of booking pricate activities or tours, try doing them with a group of some sort. Whether it be additional friends or people you've met while on vacation, many companies and guides offer quite significant group discounts.

With these tips in mind, I believe that you can save significant amounts on your next vacation. $10 here, $50 there, $33 there… hey, it all adds up! Additionally, many of the above tips open you up to a more diverse experience than what you might have had if you stuck with your stale Marriot room, mediocre tourist food, etc. By applying these tips, you get to experience your destination in a way that not many travelers do—all the while saving a few shekels. I’d say that’s a win-win!



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