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Easy Ways Parents Can Fight the Empty Nest Syndrome

For a young adult, college is an opportunity unlike any other. Pure freedom, living away from parents for the first time in their lives, and making unbelievable memories with new people. For these reasons and more it is considered one of the best times of our lives.

For the parents of those children it may be a different story. “Empty nest syndrome” is the feeling of grief and loneliness parents may feel when their children leave home for the first time. Parents may experience the feeling of having an open seat at the dinner table or an empty bedroom. Parents may deal with a level of anxiety and sadness that they have never experienced. While it can be a difficult time for parents to adjust to being alone for the first time in 18+ years, it can be a time to try new things with this new freedom and open house!

Here are some other helpful things to do/remember when it comes to your child leaving for college:

Be Proud

Remember that your child is going to college. This is an incredible achievement in your child’s life and you, as a parent, should be proud and excited for him/her to embark on this new journey in life!


Plan something fun —immediately! The day you drop off your child maybe you could hop on a flight or go on that road trip you’ve been wanting to do for a few years. Vacations are a great way to keep your mind off this dramatic life change, so take a trip you have always wanted to do, but maybe couldn’t because of the kids!

Learning Experience

Think about your son/daughter on an important journey of their own and that this is their first step. The important life lessons they will be learning and experiences they will have should get you excited. This is a time of their life they will never forget!

Take This Time and Dedicate It Towards Yourself

With your child out of the house, you may be able to experience and try new things you never previously had time for. Maybe reconnect with old friends who moved further away, set goals that help you focus on yourself, take a vacation, join new clubs or groups, take weekend trips --the possibilities can be endless once you start to realize the time on your hands.

While it may be a tough adjustment to handle at first, realizing that this is part of the journey for both you and your child will make the adjustment much smoother and easier. Think of your empty nest as a chance to experience new things you never previously had time for, the kids being out of your house can give you a lot of freedom! Take advantage of this new opportunity and do something fresh and new!