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Keeping Your Financial Resolutions


Financial Resolutions


New year’s resolutions are always difficult to bring to fruition. Each January, we make a list, and try as hard as we can to check off each item throughout the year. Sometimes we are successful, sometimes we aren’t. 

One of the most common resolutions is to regain control of personal finances. Pay back debt, save a larger percentage of your paycheck, organize finances—the list can go on and on.  In order to help you stick to your resolutions, we have compiled a list of tips that aims to help you accomplish your financial resolutions.

1) Get Organized

Before doing anything, you need to organize your finances in order to understand your true financial situation. Trying to change the way you handle your money without having a crystal clear vision of your current financial situation is bound to fail.

2) Set Specific, Achievable Goals

Vague goals, such as “Save More”, are really hard to accomplish. How much? When? What areas? By setting specific, achievable goals, your resolution will become more tangible. Instead of a generic, broad “Save More” on your list, consider something more goal oriented: Save 10% of my paycheck per month. In addition, be sure that the goals you set are actually attainable. Saving 90% of your paycheck probably won’t work out to well for you.

3) Seek Accountability

In order to make sure you follow through on your resolution, share your goals with a friend. Let them know what you hope to accomplish and how you are going to accomplish it. Having someone check up on your progress will help you stay on track. 

4) Structure Rewards

By pairing your resolution with something you do like to do, you can add an extra layer of motivation. For example, you can make a rule that you will only visit your favorite restaurant once you save $1000. Set up reward checkpoints along the way and, once you meet a checkpoint, reward yourself. 


If you follow these steps and add a little more structure and planning to your financial resolutions, your chances of checking them off your list will most likely increase. It’s a new year and we believe in you more than ever. Over the next month we will be sharing our thoughts on small ways to take control of your personal finances. Stay tuned for more tips!



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