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Professional Advisors

There are a variety of ways to get engaged with Commonwealth Financial Group. Primarily, advisors choose to get involved as a Brokerage Partner, Career Agent, or Referral Partner.

The management and staff at Commonwealth Financial Group are devoted to assisting our financial advisors in taking their practice to the next level. The enhanced infrastructure enables advisors to take risks and pursue the change that will enable growth. We acknowledge that this consistent growth does not occur in a straight line. Our team is in place to help you transition efficiently. The following are specific areas where we foster development:

Market Development

The agency drives a strong presence in a variety of markets including small business markets, special needs planning, executive benefits, and retirement planning. Our strategic alliances with CPAs, attorneys, P&C agencies, and related organizations enhance our foothold in these markets.

New Skill Set

High quality training and development for all advisors is of paramount importance to Commonwealth Financial Group. We focus on teaching new and enhanced skillsets that align with the specific advisor's goals and practice. This includes training on small businesses, efficiency planning and large case development. Additionally, we utilize external training programs from Sandler, The Pacific Institute, and the American College, including designation courses in Chartered Special Needs Consultants (ChSNC) and Certified Family Business Specialists (CFBS).

Sales Process

The Commonwealth Financial Group sales process centers around macroeconomic efficiency-based planning. Unlike a transactional model or the traditional needs-based approach, our planning process positions our advisors as the primary financial advice giver. In addition to providing a fee-based platform, our process uncovers unique strategies and opportunities that are often overlooked by other advisors.

Practice Management

The Practice Management Team's goal is to assist advisors in running their practice as efficiently as possible. Practice Management focuses on effective team and resource management, such as assistants and para-planners, as well as managing the correct activities in your business. Additionally, our Practice Management Team assists in the connection to the suite of technology tools that make your business run most efficiently.