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William (Bill) Fleming

William (Bill) Fleming

Financial Services Professional

Why choose to trust Bill with your future over the scores of other individuals in the financial services profession? It's not his professionalism, honesty, or integrity that sets him apart. These are industry standards that should be touted by everyone. 

Bill was born into a loving family, but not a wealthy one. As he grew up, money was always tight, but not due to unemployment or lavish spending. His parents simply did not have any guidance to make sound, long-term strategic decisions. To them, it felt like each day held more unknown than the one before. Bill and his parents often felt stressed and worried because they never had a financial plan in place. When he really dug down he saw that his contemporaries and their parents were in the same situation as well. Soon after Bill began his career in the financial world, he realized that now more than ever most families need someone to help them navigate the world of finances, regardless of their income or prior knowledge. Because of this, Bill has dedicated his practice to working with people of all economic backgrounds to help them achieve financial security while ensuring no single event will take them off track.



43 Constitution Dr, Suite 201
Bedford, NH 03110
[email protected]